Get Ready for Back To School!

Your Family’s Home for General & Cosmetic Dentistry

Welcome to your home for comprehensive dentistry. We would like to welcome Dr. Payant's patients to our office. School is right around the corner, make an appointment today! We are delighted to have you as we begin a new partnership to start us off to an amazing new year. We are excited about helping you and your loved ones establish and maintain optimal oral health for a lifetime of smiles. We specialize in dental implants, dentures, root canals, crowns and bridges. At each appointment with Dr. Gniadek, you will have our full attention. Your appointment time will be reserved exclusively for you. We never double book, because you deserve to be our number-one priority at every visit.

After taking your medical history, gathering necessary Digital X-rays, and conducting a thorough oral health screening, Dr. Gniadek will take the time to talk with you. He’ll want to discuss your immediate concerns, past experiences, and long-term oral health goals. Then he’ll explain his findings and present you with options for treatment. Dr. Gniadek can help you determine the best course of action for your health and lifestyle. Ultimately, you are in control of your oral and health decisions. Our team members are pleased to act as your professional consultants along the way.

Since 1991, Dr. Gniadek and our team have served families from Lindenhurst and surrounding areas with excellent clinical dentistry and personalized service. Call today to reserve your new patient visit with Dr. Gniadek. Our entire team is dedicated to creating beautiful, healthy smiles and giving our patients a reason to share them!


  • "Always ready when I arrive, GREAT staff, wonderful treatment!"
  • "The quick professional work of my hygienist, she did everything quickly and without scraping my gums. I was comfortable and didn't have any pain even right after the cleaning."
  • "Dr. G and staff always make me feel comfortable and at ease. I have a lot of trust in Dr. G and feel he truly cares about his patients. I have no problems calling if I need to, as he is always been prompt in return calls"
  • "Everyone is always polite and considerate!"
  • "I never have to wait--always ready for me when I get there. I know what has to be done before I leave. I trust the whole staff at the office, they are pros. Thanks!"