COVID-19: Office Message

To Our Patients and Families:

Our office would like to start off by hoping everyone is safe and healthy during this time and moving forward. We kindly ask that you take a few minutes to read the following information in light of the Covid-19 information.

We would like to inform you that as of May 18th the office will be reopened. With the reopening our office is having to follow the newly reconstructed guidelines given by the CDC and ADA. We tentatively will be asking all patients to stay in their cars and to call into the office when they have arrived. Once you are is greeted by staff, you will be screened prior to entering the dental office. We ask you all to arrive around ten minutes prior to your scheduled dental appointments to make sure that there is enough time for the required screening. We kindly ask that each patient wears their own mask when entering and leaving the office. 

Be assured that our office has implemented extra precautions regarding the Coronavirus in addition to universal precautions we take to protect your health.

We have implementing the following:

  • We have implemented designed times on the schedule for high risk patient's
  • Disinfecting the reception room, check-in counter tops and bathrooms every hour
  • Disinfecting doorknobs and sinks with disinfectant wipes
  • Temperature scan preformed prior to entering office, all patients must have a temperature less than 100.4 degrees to be seen
  • Mouthwash rinses provided prior to treatment
  • Removed all magazines, toys and unnecessary items from the reception room
  • Practicing social distancing; this includes no handshaking and hugging

Your health is our first priority. If you have any questions, or concerns, please call our office- we are here when you need us. We are so anxious to see you and we hope that you are as well.